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"A GEM of an Idea"
This site is the portfolio of Ashie Hirji and the work I do. I stand for Ethical Change Leaders and Ethical Business Practices in the secure digital sector working towards finding End Point Safety Solutions. She organizes live & interactive social new media forums.

Connect, collaborate, communicate & be inspired. Get involved & bring your ideas to help create dynamic changes that solve some of the more pressing issues facing humanity.

"Ethical change leaders for digital innovation"
Be Inspired! Be In It!

Help Change the Game with: #womenindigital, #women4tech, #4endusers working towards best practice end point safety tools. There is a need to protect innocent children and women as we bridge the digital divide.

The founder of "A GEM of an Idea" TAKES A STAND & advocates for end point safety tools and best practices for online safety as we bridge the digital divide.

The Internet can often be a dangerous place, forcing us to take guarded measures to protect ourselves, our families and our business. As end users, we're all aware that while we collaborate, connect, communicate, learn through digital technology tools and work on our various social media projects in online environments, we are not SAFE from the ever increasing dangers that take place over the internet.

These dangers continue to grow with the proliferation of video telephony and social networking sites and can often harbour shady characters such as phedophilles and possibly even more dangerous activities such as human trafficking. As the Internet transforms into a video telephony environment, such dangers related to online communication will continue to pose a massive threat to innocent children, women, youth and unsuspecting innocent people, both in developed countries and especially in the developing countries.

Ashie works towards creating awareness and working as an advocate for end point safety tools and end user safety and protection in the online world.

"A GEM of an Idea" calls out to technology companies and all ethical leaders to help work towards the development of solutions to critical safety issues that MUST be addressed, and wouldn't you agree it is needed?

Those who understand the issues involved are invited to join GEM in the quest to promote the adoption of new measures that protect end user rights & safety.

If this is not aligned with you, it is likely that you will not understand the dangers and the pain and suffering caused by activities that often take place in online social media environments such as the cyber exploitation and human trafficking of many innocent women and children. Those who do understand the negative impacts of such activities and would like to see positive, lasting change are encouraged to lead the push to help make the future Internet a safer place for everyone.

To facilitate the creation of awareness and the discussions that will lead to real solutions in a safe & secure environment, GEM provides its network members with access to live & interactive social innovation forums.

These engaging live forum sessions will look at new and emerging technology and social media communication tools, the features and functions they include, the many ways in which these tools can be used, and how new methods, standards and policies can be developed to help protect the safety and rights of innocent end users (such as innocent women & children) that are utilizing such tools as they bridge the digital divide.

Discussions will also take place with regards to the positive and negative impacts on individuals and organizations that utilize these tools, as well as the resulting and potential effects on society as a whole. This includes those in developed nations and people in the developing world to avoid human costs.

GEM forums are all about digital social innovation & learning, online end user rights & their safety. The power of social media within the educational sector allows GEM to do the ethical work taking place globally which focusses on solutions to humanitarian issues within a digital medium.

Those interested in taking part in the GEM forums are invited to join in by contacting us here.

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LIVE FORUMS – ETHICAL leaders for change forward vision for digital innovation and inclusion. Our core critical mission is for end point safety protection.

I believe that cyber security will play a large role in the 21st century and it will be up to ethical leaders to set the global security standard for protecting innocent children and women at risk from predators and cyber intrusion as we bridge the digital divide.

As an ethical LEADER, I invite like-minded individuals to join in this new media revolution. My goal is to enroll you all to join me in these endeavours. if you are involved and working with your groups, we must set new standards for protecting innocent children of all ages & women on the internet and in cyber space.

We must create safe enviroments for end users working in social media & education. Our future platforms cannot be compromised by unethical cyber activities. Join me now.

For details and information on the vision & mission of GEM, click here >>
For access to ongoing projects and interactive dialogue sessions, click here >>

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