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A GEM Of An Idea - Founder

Ashie S. Hirji is a digital and tech activist, visionary and digital entrepreneur and new media strategist. She is also the founder of Heart In Action Enterprises Ltd., a goodwill new media social enterprise, and a co-founder & director of Asita Informatica Inc. This site represents a portfolio of some of Ashie's work.

Ashie began her career in Vancouver in the fashion, cosmetics and perfume industries establishing the fragrance sections at Leone and working at Holt Renfrew Vancouver. In 1989 she founded the Robson Street parfumerie Mon Parfum. She then began working in 1991 managing the territory for British Columbia with the Krikorian Italian Parfumerie and became the Canadian trainer for Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgari, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace, Salvapore, Ferragamo, Byblos, Laperla and many illustrious brands.

In 2001 she also worked with two doctors to bring Deepak Chopra to Vancouver, handling corporate & media sponsors for the “Power of Inspiration” event at GM Place in Vancouver.

In 2004 Ashie changed direction and began developing and spearheading the push to find solutions for end-point protection/safety and digital privacy issues for many of her multimedia projects in the secure digital sector. Ashie’s focus has been cyber safety & protection for innocent children, youth & women who are at risk when bridging the digital divide within the education & new media sectors. Through her goodwill multimedia projects, she has been a strong advocate of such issues, working to create awareness and addressing the risks associated with cyber dangers that are ever-present for end users working in online environments. Her work currently involves working with several technologists & tech leaders globally, with a focus on empowering and mentoring young leaders in the West & developing countries by providing and designing creative multimedia digital learning modules and projects with youth & young professional leaders for change from around the world. In addition, she is a creative producer for online new media and a co-producer of various live digital social new media forums, with themes around ethical leadership, empowerment, social innovation for sustainability and digital inclusion.

She has supported and empowered youth-based non-profit organizations, and collaborated with other change leaders to showcase innovative social digital learning projects, co-producing 38 online events with guests such as Deepak Chopra, Ed Begley Jr., Philippe Cousteau, Jeremy Gilley Ashok Khosla, Mallika Chopra , Dave Stewart, Rex Weyler, Nile Rogers and many other celebrities and environmentalist advocates.

She speaks of the new currency for the 21st century digital economy as being our personal information. And the more information we knowingly (and unknowingly) provide to companies, the more value they can extract from it without protecting their members and users when it comes to online activities such as social networking environments.

Ashie wants everyone to understand that the end point safety & protection, privacy and digital rights of all people are under attack in the 21st century. It’s the downside to a high-tech communications revolution. Smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, tablet computers, and a vast array of web-based social media platforms including GPS and Wi-Fi service all make it remarkably easy to reach out and touch someone. What a wonderful world we live in. However, regrettably, while “convenience” and “free” and “ubiquitous access” are often key factors with regards to new applications and hardware, they also make it incredibly easy for someone to reach in and tap our private data and information in the 21st century. Ashie continues to advocate for increased and stronger measures of protection for all online environments and digital format platforms and applications.

"A GEM of An Idea Social New Media Lounge"
Ethical Leaders for Change, Creative Minds Igniting Digital Innovation
Be Inspired, Be In It

Sharing Knowledge, Creating Wisdom
Innovation & Convergence for all Things Digital
Game Changing Visionaries In Action

A GEM of An Idea: Thought provoking ideas, dialogues, & curriculums take place in a real-time, platform-neutral, safe & secure environment over social networking utilities. GEM sessions and new media events unite & connect ethical, global, professional leaders who are working towards solving social and environmental challenges with a sustainable & social entrepreneurial approach.

A GEM Of An Idea - Goodwill Mission

It’s mandate is to bring together global social entrepreneurs, ethical change leaders, visionaries & professional leaders in order to take action, collaborate, share knowledge, wisdom, creative ideas & solutions through collaborative initiatives, efforts & dialogues. Resulting partnership efforts will see the creation and production of exciting interactive new media digital educational learning content & forums. Thought provoking ideas take place in a real-time, platform-neutral, safe & secure environments over the Internet. GEM sessions and event forums unite & connect ethical leaders, women and young professional change makers, who work towards solving social and environmental challenges with a sustainable & social entrepreneurial approach. GEM is about powerful leaders taking positive action to impact humanity globally in an effective and beneficially meaningful way. Our work is based on working in collaboration, whilst we empower & support many ethical youth & women leaders in the developed and developing countries who are working within their communities on the internet. We strongly believe in inclusion for Gender equality and we welcome all consciously ethical people and invite them to be part of our collective initiatives as our guests, panelists and partners.

Our secondary role: is the protection of innocent end users and communities of interest when they join during our multimedia platform for their initiatives & educational social media projects.

Our critical mission: is focused on the provision of end user protected tools for ALL innocent children, youth and women on the internet

Thought provoking ideas take place in a real-time, platform-neutral, safe & secure environment over the Internet. GEM sessions and events unite & connect women and young professional leaders who work towards solving social and environmental challenges with a sustainable & social entrepreneurial approach. GEM is about powerful leaders taking positive action to impact humanity globally in an effective and beneficially meaningful way, and we believe in gender equality and education for all.

A Gem of An Idea – Vision 4 Shared Values & a New Form of Inclusion

Our hope and mandate for a collective vision shared by all technology developers, communities of interest and end users of communication technology, is for the recognition of the importance of corporate responsibility in the ICT and mobile sectors. This means that there must be continuing innovation and attention paid to the necessity of placing a much larger priority on minimizing the human and evironmental cost of developing, launching and utilizing new technoglogies as opposed to simply maximizing monetary rewards above all else.

A basic understanding of shared values and ethical practices, as well as the impact of corporate activity on all levels of society needs to be transformed to a higher level. This is important in order to protect those who are most vulnerable, those who are the least able to affect change, and those who are unable to speak for themselves. After all, how does it profit anyone to gain the world and lose their soul? (Rhetorical question) The innocent and the less fortunate must not be lost amid the wave and endless pursuit of investor and corporate profits. With ever-increasing areas of free-trade opening up new business opportunitites and activities on a global level, such shared values need to gain higher levels of awareness and much higher levels of importance in all aspects of business and society as a whole.

"We must become full and even leading participants in the Knowledge Society of the 21st century. That will mean embracing the values of collaboration and coordination, openness and partnership, choice and diversity – which will under-gird the Knowledge Society, learning constantly to review and revise and renew what we think we know, learning how to go on learning."

There was a time when a single society or empire could live unto itself, culturally and intellectually – claiming dominance over other places... In the age of the Internet, knowledge is universally shaped, universally accessible, and universally applied. And successful institutions of learning must be global institutions."

         by His Highness the Aga Khan
         About the Aga Khan

L = Look and Listen
E = Emotional Bonding
A = Awareness
D = Doing
E = Empowerment
R = Responsibility
S = Synchronicity

         by Deepak Chopra

"At the center of every high performance team is a common purpose - a mission that rises above and beyond each of the individual team members. To be successful, the team's interests and needs come first. This requires "we-opic" vision ("What's in it for we?"), a challenging step up from the common "me-opic" mind-set."

         by John Murphy

"Ego expands to fill the space not filled with knowledge."

         by Jeffrey Armstrong

"Life brings you an opportunity. Do you seize it, or do you just wait, or do you play full out with what life gives you in each moment? Do you go with the flow with life?
I am life and life is me, and together we are crafting the BIG DREAM.
I have imagined & dreamed, dreaming with life. This is my dream

         by Ashie Hirji


A GEM Of An Idea is social media division of Heart in Action Enterprises (HIAE),
which is a goodwill new media social enterprise and a wholly owned subsidiary of Asita Informatica.
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