Joint Collaborative Multimedia Project
Organized & Supported By:

A GEM Of An Idea
Spektor Storytelling Working with the Earth Charter


*Next Gen Digital Change Leaders 4EndUser Inclusion*


A GEM of an Idea & Thumbs UP Africa unite to
ignite & empower change makers globally

** Inspire, ignite, innovate with the next gen digital change makers & leaders **
** Our story for a safe digital divide & sustainable cyber digital revolution **
** Leaders4change & innovation working together **

In 2012, we will be embarking on a journey from Europe to Africa.
Our collective mission is to empower next gen digital change leaders.
We are inviting change makers and sponsors to support and join the digital movement.
We are paving a way for those who don’t get to tell their stories from their points of view.

GEM works in collaboration. It aims to empower and inspire young adults & ethical leaders, to share knowledge and creative ideas by way of igniting & inspiring digital change makers for dialogues using a holistic approach for social new media initiatives & digital educational projects, through its neutral online multimedia platforms. With the opportunities provided by the most current communication and digital educational tools and thereby, igniting and giving the next generations change makers & their project a new voice.

GEM believes in critical thinking and empowering young leaders to have the freedom to be creative and inspire other change makers & current young digital generations to join the platform to help solve global issues that are aligned with the United Nations MDG (Millenium Devlopment Goals).

GEM is bringing awareness & advocating end user protected tools for the internet to keep innocent children, youth and women safe on the internet.

GEM strives to include many young change makers, ethical leaders worldwide to re-imagine, ignite and innovate by enrolling young leaders to bringing creative ideas, concepts and solutions in a safe user friendly environment, as they work towards social inclusion, innovation and sustainable projects.

Digital Innovation for inclusion & end user safety – digital project in collaboration with:
“A Gem of an Idea, Thumbs Up Africa, Spektor Storytelling”

Thumbs Up

To view the evaluation report on the completed Thumbs Up Africa project called: ‘Evaluating a New Approach’, click here (PDF file, 37 pgs, 15.7 MB)
The report provides an overview on the organization and concept behind the Thumbs Up Africa program and all of the partners, sponsors and other stakeholders that were involved. It also provides details of the resources used, media outreach created, results achieved, lessons learned, and future plans.

To view information about the project,
click here (PDF file, 2 pgs, 1.3 MB)
To view information about the digital concept for inclusion,
click here (PDF file, 2 pgs, 1.3 MB)

For more information about our project and/or funding sponsorship
please contact the project organizers:

Ashie Hirji



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