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World Conference on Climate Change & Wine
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III Congreso Mundial de Cambio Climático y Vino


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3rd Edition of the World Conference
on Climate Change & Wine
"Kofi Anan: Sustainability, Climate Change & the Corporate World"
  Climate Change & Wine 2011

A The 3rd Edition of the World Conference on Climate Change and Wine will take place in Marbella, Spain on the 13th and 14th of April - www.climatechangeandwine.com.

Kofi Annan is the VIP Guest Speaker of the event and will be conducting a speech directed to businesses and companies about the importance of adopting sustainable practices and development. Attendance to Mr. Annan´s speech is open to business people and general public who are interested in the importance of adapting to climate change and in sustainable practices.

Secretary-General Annan has been championing the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability throughout his career at the United Nations. He is President/Founder of the Global Humanitarian Forum, an international humanitarian arena to foster dialogue and broker partnerships that strengthen the international community’s ability to effectively address current and emerging humanitarian challenges, including sustainability and the effects of global warming on people of the world, especially the poor.

The president of The Wine Academy of Spain, Pancho Campo MW, has stated that “those people who still cast doubt on the existence of climate change are outdated and have not documented themselves accordingly”. We have reached a point in which “instead of questioning the situation we should focus on taking action and finding a solution”. According to Campo, "Those who still cast doubt the existence of Climate Change are behind the times".

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About Johnny Gates 4 Marbella

Johnny is leading a project with a few tech trend setters. Johnny, in partnership with Ashie Hirji from "A GEM Of An Idea" are bringing something new to Marbella. It is a unique concept which Johnny and Ashie will lead as a vision for the emerging digital new media sector.

Wednesday & Thursday, April 13 & 14, 2011
Palacio de Congresos y Ferias de Marbella
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