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Digital New Media Learning
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Building Digital Pluralism & Social Innovation
In the context of digital divide and adopting best practice digital safety tools by way of being ethically and socially responsible leaders.
The Key to developing the future of Digital Pluralism as a whole is to include everyone's voices and by providing access to all within the digital educational and new media sector as we empower future generations and protect innocent children and women globally over the internet.
Young Ethical Leaders 4 Digital Change, Innovation, Inclusion & Digital Safety

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2 pm Brazil

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Creating fearless learners and ethical leaders
"Time and again, His Highness the Aga Khan has underlined the importance of three concepts he sees as essential to creating, stabilising and strengthening democracies around the world: meritocracy, pluralism, and civil society. These are all values the network of Academies strives to instil in its students - values they will embody and carry with them throughout their lives.

Students will benefit from the experience of a pluralistic learning community, enabling them to become true citizens of the world."

By His Highness, the Aga Khan
  - Inquirers who are curious, independent learners;
- Knowledgeable across a range of disciplines and traditions;
- Thinkers who are critical and creative, who fearlessly approach complex problems and make ethical decisions;
- Communicators who express ideas confidently and creatively, orally and in writing, in at least two languages, and through art and music;
- Principled young people with a strong sense of integrity, honesty, fairness and justice, who respect the dignity of individuals, groups and communities, and who take responsibility for their own actions and their consequences;
- Caring people who are empathetic and compassionate and respect others’ needs and feelings while also being personally committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment;
- Stewards who are motivated to leave their world a better place;
- Open-minded learners who understand and appreciate their own personal histories and cultures while, at the same time, they recognise and value plurality, and actively seek a range of perspectives;
- Balanced young men and women who understand the importance of maintaining personal well-being and physical, intellectual, and emotional balance for themselves and others;
- Thoughtful individuals who care about their own learning and personal development and are able to analyse their own strengths and weaknesses; and
- Young men and women capable of becoming global leaders, who perceive and anticipate needs and problems locally and globally and who are able to motivate themselves and others to tackle those problems, confidently and in a spirit of cooperation.

By His Highness, the Aga Khan
Pluralism is a process and not a product. It is a mentality, a way of looking at a diverse and changing world. A pluralistic environment is a kaleidoscope that history shakes every day... As we think about pluralism, we should be open to the fact that there may be a variety of "best practices," a "diversity of diversities," and a "pluralism of pluralisms".

The next step in digital informal learning and social media learning with change makers globally in alignment and in vision with the principles and mandate of His Highness the Aga Khan. A GEM Of An Idea founder is advocating for end user protected tools as we bridge the digital divide. We as humanity and ethical leaders in various countries must make efforts, especially those of us who work in the humanitarian sector, to make sure we do not compromise innocent children, youth and women just for the sake of the bottom line. These children and young adults and women must not be placed in danger or harm's way within the environment of unprotected social networking and on the internet.

Ashie's work is about bringing awareness about the cyber dangers that take place each day over the internet and many of the web tech platforms. We are pushing the boundaries with several technology leaders to solve this critical issue from an end user point of view and to adopt best practice standards and to utilize end user protected tools giving access through new media for pluralism and the promotion of cultural diversity.

For more information about the end user protected tools and the solutions that are being developed, please contact Ashie.

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- when speaking with others, please allow them to finish talking before responding

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