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For details & information about various multicast events and interactive online dialogue sessions, and for login access, click on the links below.

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"A GEM Of An Idea" New Media Digital Lounge    
"A GEM Of An Idea"
Uganda MDG Conference & Exhibition (August 3)
- BuildingFutures Worldwide, Bavubuka & WOUGNET
"A GEM Of An Idea"
3rd Edition of the World Conference Climate Change & Wine
- being held at: Palacio de Congresos de Marbella
- Keynote Speaker: Kofi Anan
CEE - Earth Charter +10 India    
"A GEM Of An Idea" MPWN Forum Room    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - RIO+20    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Thumbs Up Africa Digital Center    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Authentic Leadership Circles    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Blue Planet Green Living    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Crafting Gentleness    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Devalt.org - TARA Multimedia Room    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Paradigms In Design    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Collective Creativity    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - Self Design Learning Foundation    
"Earth Charter " - e-GLO (Global Learning Opportunity)  
"Earth Charter" - Youth e-Conference 2011    
"A GEM Of An Idea" - My Chlorophyll    
HIAE & The Global Healing, UN Speak St. Pete Sessions
A Celebration of the United Nations International Days



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