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Let's Help Build a School Together in Kenya!
Shenan Charania and Ashie Hirji
Project: Help us build a school in Kenya!

This is an exciting and special project. Let's work together to build a school in Africa - it's much easier than you might imagine!

The work I began in 2003-2004 started with a vision to impact and support youth based organizations and NGOs by connecting them through multimedia digital learning tools, and the goal was to support youth based organizations also in developing countries.

This has been a very long journey, and despite numerous obstacles and setbacks, there is much work yet to do. This project continues the dream with a focus that is near & dear to my heart.

Change Heroes is an impressive organization I have decided to align with because of the powerful program they have developed. We will be joining forces with Shenan Charania, who works with Change Heroes, and shares our vision. Together we will work to raise funds to build a school in Kenya.

Once this school is all built, we as a group will also have the opportunity to travel to Africa to visit and see the school we helped fund and build as a team.

This is an Invitation for you to get involved with us and support this initiative. For more information, see below, or visit:


My goal is to be part of a bigger vision with Shenan and with Change Heroes, a dream that will come true one day to actually bring safe technologies to children in developing countries. This will happen because my commitment is for global transformation and for online education for all innocent children and women at risk in developing countries in a safe and protected way through secure & safe technologies.

Generosity gives us power.

Warm wishes,
Ashie Hirji

"Change Heroes"
African School Fundraising Campaign - Be a Change Hero and help fundraise to build a school that will educate hundreds of children!
  Change Heroes

Change Heroes is a social enterprise and online fundraising platform that is challenging the way we approach fundraising: making it simpler, more accessible, social, and fun. We are on a mission to one-day see a world where every child has access to basic education. With a pioneered online friend-funding response to this challenge, our platform enables anyone to raise $10,000 with 33 of their friends to build a school or a library in a developing country through our implementing charity partners. Over $1.4 million has been raised to fund schools, libraries, scholarships, and water projects since our launch.

  Easy Payment Alternatives
  Funding payments are minimal, yet provide SO MUCH.
  Our Implementing Partner - Free The Children
  Free The Children

Free the Children has built over 750 school houses and classrooms all over the world. They have the highest possible rating on Charity Navigator and Charity Watchdog. Their model is proven, and they strive to leave the communities they work in, fully sustainable, after 7 years.

The incredible organization that will carry out the work of building your school, is Free the Children (FTC). Change Heroes has researched FTC in depth and has even visited the village that will receive your school, in Kenya. We have reviewed their business practices, financial statements, and have met their co-founders and administration teams both in North America and in Kenya.

Free the Children's administrative costs are an obscenely low 9-10%. They are innovative, business minded, and have built over 750 schools all over the world. Their website is: www.freethechildren.com

Change Heroes
  Free The Children
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