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I met the founder of www.burgessct.com in the Spring of 2016 during a meeting in Vancouver, BC. As a result of our conversations, we agreed that there is a lot of work to be done in order to protect the many innocent children, women and users of technology, especially in the areas concerning dispicable online activities such as Human Trafficking and Cyber Bullying.

As Chris has noted in various areas of his website (see links below), protecting the end point data rights of innocent people around the world requires more education and more proactive measures to be taken as opposed to some of the more common reactions to such issues which include ignoring the problems, dismissing or trivializing them or pretending they are not universal to us all. In this Digital Age, these issues are growing and they exist in both developed and developing countries around the world.

As collaborative partners, we are focusing to bring end point safety protection solutions in an innovative way, and to help organizations who are fighting these issues.


Be Aware & Wary Online
Be Aware & Wary While Online

Be Aware & Wary Online
A GEM Of An Idea Supports Innocent End-User Protection

Be Aware & Wary Online
Your data is very valuable.
How are you protecting it from being compromised?


More writings by Chris regarding trafficking and cyber-bullying can be found at:

Including a 2011 piece on “bullycide”:

And a piece with an interview and a talk on the subject


Ashie Hirji

  Ashie has been bringing awareness for many years of the cyber threats & dangers that innocent users of technology will face in the 21st century digital age.
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