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"Westend Musicals In Concert"

"Encore! The 3 Tenors & Il Divo "
  West End Musicals The 3 Tenors & Il Divo
The Promise - Encore Tenors
Celebrating the Music of The 3 Tenors& Il Divo
Commencing April 2013
Marbella - Costa del Sol - Spain - Europe
I Dreamed A Dream - West End Musicals in Concert
Commencing March 2013
Marbella - Costa del Sol - Spain - Europe



I am supporting my friends in Marbella Spain.

AN AMAZING SHOW NOT TO BE MISSED! I first met Stephen Holland-Morgan via Nick Holland-Morgan during a fund raising campaign in Marbella where Stephen performed for the Fire Aid Concert. When I heard Stephen sing, his voice was so powerful I felt something move deep within my soul and I resonated with his voice and music and had tears.

When I need inspiration I love to listen to music. Plato said it beautifully:

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

I will miss their next performance as I am not in Spain during this time. If you are visiting Marbella, be sure to catch their performance for 2013, or visit www.westendmusicalsinconcert.com and make sure you are at one of the venues where they will be performing.

LISTEN TO Stephen Holland-Morgan's voice and you will understand why his voice is powerful, you will understand, why I was moved.

We know when there is a fire it ignites something and transformation takes place. His voice is filled with fire and passion and it surely transforms the soul.

Here is a video (a project I was involved with in Marbella where he performed during the Fire Aid Concert) and I was part of the PR and new media campaign.


Music is the universal language. When you hear a beautiful song with a powerful voice, something stirs within and ignites magic within the soul. Everybody experiences different emotions when they hear beautiful music. It is all about the power of voice, it truly transforms and moves the soul within … I can't describe it in words, again when I heard Stephen IT WAS MAGIC to my soul.

Ashie Hirji

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West End Musicals & Encore press release
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